The best Absinthe Bars: Naproti in Brno (Czech Republic)

naproti_bar_logoYou want to find the best absinthe bar in Brno? Look no further and head straight to the Naproti Bar! The Czech’s Republic’ second city is mostly populated by students. We went there for absinthe however and saw this amazing place where Absintheurs will lose their hearts (perhaps their minds, too!).

We experienced Brno as a very lovely Czech city with a lovely old town area and a quite modern infrastructure.

An old cellar and absinthe

Absinthe as far as your eyes can see. The Naproti bar has a very large selection of excellent, real absinthes at extremely low prices. For example, a 2cl glass of absinthe Absinthe St. Antoine costs no more than 45CZK (Czeck crowns), which is approximately $1.90!

The Naproti Bar is located in an old cellar room and skillfully merges ancient ambiente with a modern and young take on absinthe.

Most of the other absinthes on the menu are at about $2.50 – $3.50 still very cheap. Although the majority of the menu offers absinthe, one can just as easy order a beer or some non-alcoholic drinks. Or go for some real, Czech liquor! Absintheurs know one thing for sure: Absinthe will eventually make you hungry. The people behind the Naproti Bars are passionate Absintheurs themselves, so they know to offer salty and rich snacks such as cheese plates, saucages, or chips.

The Team at Naproti Bar.

All absinthes are prepared after the traditional French absinthe ritual. People new to absinthe receive a short (or long if they ask for it) explanation on how to drink absinthe. When ordering an absinthe, an absinthe fountain and some absinthe glasses are placed on your table. If someone would like to take a bottle home, the Naproti guys can arrange that, too – however, they’re successfully running a Czech online shop for absinthe where they prefer to refer their visitors to.

The Naproti Bar invites you to stick around.

Of course we didn’t go there just for the absinthe. We went there to meet our friends who own the place, who we met at the annual absinthe festival a couple of years ago! The group of 4 young people opened the Naproti Bar in 2012 and have been pretty successful ever since. Their creative concept, sense of youth, and their personal passion for absinthe seems to attract bar guests and fellow absintheurs. It’s been going so well that there are now two Naproti Bars, on opposite sides of the street. The “old” Naproti Bar opens at 10am every day to server coffee, the “new” Naproti Bar opens from 9pm.

It was a bit dark down there! But then again, that’s be beauty of a bar in a cellar!

Thanks to the guys for having us!


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