Vermouth Otto’s Athens Vermouth - 75cl

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Otto's Athens Vermouth was developed by two award winning barkeepers (Nikos Bakoulis and Vasilis Kyritsis), who both work at “The Clumsies” in Athens – one of the top 50 bars in the world (number 6 in 2017).

Otto's Athens Vermouth is made from high quality Greek wine that is infused with rose petals, citrus fruits, wormwood, kumquat, olive leaves and other Greek herbs, such as angelica and oregano.

A refreshing and slightly bitter vermouth with fresh rose petals and an aroma of citrus fruits and vanilla! In the mouth, there is a perfectly balanced sweetness with a slightly bitter aftertaste that is rounded off by lemon and orange.

This vermouth was named after King Otto who declared Athens as the capital of Greece in 1834. The first Greek vermouth was developed only a few years later, in 1850 by Ioannis Vouher for King Otto in Athens. He used high quality Greek wine and infused it with Greek herbs.

Otto's Athens Vermouth was awarded the silver medal at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2017 in the Aperitif category.

Perfect Serve:

You can enjoy this vermouth pure or in a highball glass together with some ice cubes and tonic water.

You need:
- 70ml Otto's Athens Vermouth
- 100ml Tonic

Preparation: Add the vermouth to a highball glass filled with ice cubes and top it up with tonic water. Garnish with an orange or lemon peel.
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By darkend_163

Added on the : 25/09/2019 English

It is a beautiful, unique and high quality vermouth.

It tastes like very good Italian vermouth with addition of special Greek herbs. Very tasty, strong, good balanced. It has lots of citrus. Notes of rose pedals are not strong but just in the right place making this vermouths color and profile unique.

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