Vermouth is a revelation. A style of wine aromatised with herbs, naturally sweetened, and fortified with alcohol. Vermouth is at the heart of many classic cocktails, making the choice of a good quality vermouth essential for the success of any Martini, Negroni or Manhattan.

Well respected in their home country of Spain, yet rather less well known outside, Yzaguirre are a vermouth maker with a long and rich history. As far as vermouth makers go, a bit of a hidden jewel. Established in 1884, they have a deep understanding of what makes a vermouth work.

Yzaguirre’s vermouth is outstanding and definitely deserves a wider audience.

The botanicals used by Yzaguirre include coriander, cinchona, rhubarb root, juniper, cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, wormwood, thyme, chamomile, bitter orange peel, lemon peel, and flowers including roses.
Yzaguirre use white wine made from the Macabeu grape variety as the base for their vermouth, also know as Macabeo. The choice of wine is of the utmost importance when making a vermouth, as it is the foundation on which everything else rests. The use of this typically Spanish grape, better known for its use in white Rioja and in Spanish sparkling wine Cava is just one of the things that sets Yzaguirre's vermouths apart from French vermouth and Italian vermouth.

Thanks to the use of base wines based on the grape variety Macabeu, which has the prized property of resisting oxidation, Yzaguirre's vermouth stays in good condition for a considerable amount of time before opening. Once you open a bottle of vermouth though, it should be kept in the fridge and drunk over the next few weeks (or months) to enjoy it at its freshest. Treat it more like a wine than a spirit.
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Notes of ripe fruit and herbs make for an intensely pleasant experience. A 19th...

Mahogany red Spanish vermouth, barrel aged in oak for 1 year. With intense notes of ripe fruit and herbs, accompanied by vanilla and cardamom. Balanced acidity with a lightly bitter aftertaste. The recipe is based on one of Yzaguirre's recipes d ...

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An old-style aromatic sweet red vermouth. Sublime. If you love Antica Formula, t...

Barrel aged for 3 years in oak. Named in celebration of Yzaguirre's founding year, Selección 1884 Vermouth harks back to an older style of vermouth, richer and more bitter. If you love Antica Formula, this one is for you. Bottled at 20% a ...

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An outstanding extra dry vermouth, aged in oak barrels for 1 year. From the Yzag...

A lovely straw coloured vermouth, dry, savoury, and well balanced. Ageing in oak for a year brings harmony to this vermouth. Made by Yzaguirre in Tarragona in the north of Spain, who have been since 1884, and something of an undiscovered jewel among vermouth mak ...

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A white vermouth from France, made with 18 different botanicals.

Vermouth La Quintinye Blanc is a traditional French vermouth with a modern twist. Master distiller and oenologist Jean Sébastien Robicquet combines high quality regional wines with the regional liqueur wine Pineau des Charentes to produce this vermout ...

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Vermouth Otto’s Athens Vermouth - 75cl

Alcohol Content : 17%
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A Greek vermouth from Athens, named after King Otto and developed by 2 barkeeper...

Otto's Athens Vermouth was developed by two award winning barkeepers (Nikos Bakoulis and Vasilis Kyritsis), who both work at “The Clumsies” in Athens – one of the top 50 bars in the world (number 6 in 2017).Otto's Athens Vermout ...

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