Vodka made its first appearance in Russia in the 14th century. In 1386, the consulate to the city of Genoa (in northern Italy) brought the “first vodka” to Russia, which he then offered as a gift to the Russian prince Dmitry Donskoi. Ar-Razi's discovery was imitated by many others using different raw ingredients, and this led to the production of brandy, cognac, whisky, schnapps and vodka, as well as hundreds of other types of spirits.

Vodka consists of distilled, demineralized water, ethanol (distilled to its maximum potency), and occasionally some added fruits (strawberries, cherries, lemons) or spices. After the pure vodka has adopted the flavor and aroma of the infused fruits or spices, the beverage is clarified using a charcoal filter to produce a cleanly textured drink. This drink contains between 37 and 97 % alcohol by volume, based on the producer and the method of production, and most vodkas are around the 40% level.
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Finnish organic wheat vodka, made with pure North Karelian well water.

Made in the midst of Finnish nature. Pure rivers flow from pristine pine forests, into immense lakes. Water. The main ingredient of vodka, and essential to every vodka’s success. It is all dependent on the water used. Kalevala Vodka is mad ...

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