Wine Jean Bourdy Galant des Abbesses - 70cl

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Galant des Abbesses is still produced according to the original recipe – from the 16th century. 

At this time, Château Chalon's vineyards were owned by an abbess who conjured up the recipe for this special wine and concluded with the following: “this is our chivalrous wine”.  The must that flows from the wine press flows into a copper cauldron where 25 special spices are added in precise dosage.  The wine is then heated over low fire to let the wine adopt the various spices' subtle aromas.

This whole procedure lasts an entire day.  Afterward, the spiced grape juice is filled in a cask already 1/3 full with Vieux Marc from the French Comté or Fine.  This wonderful mixture is then let to age for at least 3 years. 

This wine is described by leading wine experts as incomparable, extraordinarily exotic, and complex.  An experienced palate will notice Indian and Asian spices in the wines' flavor structure – a one-of-a-kind dessert wine.  This wine received 19 out of 20 points two years in a row (2006 and 2007) in the renowned wine magazine guide Fleurus!

Galant des Abbesses should be served as an aperitif or with dessert.  If you would like to enjoy it with dessert, we have a few recommendations for you:  Galant des Abbesses pairs extremely well with chocolate cake or some nutty baked goods. In summertime, you can let raisins infuse in the  wine overnight in order to pour over some vanilla ice cream the next day – simply wonderful!

Pears and figs are also good options with which to infuse your gallant wine, and this is just the beginning:  create your own, unique dessert!

Contain sulfites.
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