Wine Jean Bourdy Vin de Paille 2002 - 37,5cl

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A very dry and mild beginning to the year remains until March, which brings with it a few frosts.  A dry spell follows until mid-May, and June brings hot temperatures.  July and August are almost chilly, and it rains heavily until the beginning of September.  Thereafter the beautiful weather returns which allows the grapes to develop to a beautiful ripeness.  There were as good as no vine illnesses this year whatsoever.

Immediately after the first tasting, the cellar master claimed outright:  this wine is unbelievably good!  This vintage displays light nuances of candied fruits combined with orange syrup and a fine honey flavor, all produced from the fields of the Jura.  In fact, this incomparably complex vintage contains much more:  it creates a positively inexplicable explosion of various aromas in the nose and on the palate.  An unforgettable experience!

Contain sulfites.
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  • Capacity :
  • Shipping Weight :
    810,00 g
  • Wine appellation :
    Côtes du Jura
  • Brand :
  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    14% vol
  • Color :
    Dark Straw Yellow
  • Coloration :
  • Kind of Wine :
  • Description :
    Cotes du Jura Wine
  • Vintage :
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Jean Bourdy, 41 Rue Saint-Vincent, 39140 Arlay, FR
  • City / Region :
    Arlay (Jura)
  • Stopper :
  • Product Type :

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