Wine Jean Bourdy Vin Jaune 1988 - 62cl

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The first week of the year is mild and humid. The weather stays bad until the 13th of February, when 10 wonderfully sunny days arrive with a temperature of -3° Celsius. The snow doesn't come until February 24th, and four days later there is already 15 cm collected on the ground. The snow remains until the 3rd of March, and the ground remains frozen underneath. March doesn't bring any good weather. During the 2nd week of April it starts really getting warm (24° Celsius). On the 13th of June, the blossoms are observed as being well on the way to full blossom, and June is generally dry and sunny the whole month. A serious storm blows through at the end of June and offers the vines a bit of humidity. The beginning of July is characterized by normal weather, and the sun shines every day during the third week of July. It rains now and then but is generally a good month for the vines. On the 1st of August the ripening process is still in its beginning stages but then starts to hasten thanks to the wonderful weather during the first 10 days of August. The nice weather remains the same until the 20th, except for a small, urgently-needed rain shower. On the 27th of August the sun shines and offers perfect conditions for a grape harvest that will shoot through the roof of the Oechsle Scale. Two days later it rain, but the sun shines again as well – ideal weather for this time of year. The grapes enjoy more sunny weather during the beginning of September, even when it cools down a bit. The harvest begins on the 27th in excellent weather. Wine: You'll first notice a fine and sweet aroma in the nose upon opening the bottle. After the wine has been given enough time to breathe, a diverse bouquet of aromas can be experienced. The wine tasts of candied fruits, mild spices and with light tones of dried nuts. The flavor is smooth but intensive. What is most distinguishable about this wine is the extended pleasure of its flavor experience and the long finale. It already tastes full-bodied and mature today, although it can certainly be stored and let to age to develop even more complexity in the aromas and flavor.

Contain sulfites.
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  • Wine appellation
    Côtes du Jura
  • Capacity
  • Brand
    Jean Bourdy
  • Country of Origin
  • Alcohol Content
    13% vol
  • Color
    Deep Yellow
  • Coloration

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  • Capacity :
  • Shipping Weight :
    1,27 kg
  • Wine appellation :
    Côtes du Jura
  • Brand :
    Jean Bourdy
  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
    13% vol
  • Color :
    Deep Yellow
  • Coloration :
  • Kind of Wine :
    Yellow Wine
  • Description :
    Cotes du Jura Wine
  • Vintage :
  • Responsible Food Company :
    Jean Bourdy, 41 Rue Saint-Vincent, 39140 Arlay, FR
  • City / Region :
    Arlay (Jura)
  • Stopper :
    Natural cork
  • Product Type :

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