Gin Mosaik Gin - 10cl

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Attention to detail – both in taste and design. This was the idea behind creating MOSAIK DRY GIN, a refreshingly minty and citrus-y gin made in Germany. MOSAIK DRY GIN was only launched in late 2018 and is one of many gins that explore aromas far away from juniper.

Mint leaves, blood orange, lemon grass and a hint of cloves are the four ingredients that create the overall fruity taste of MOSAIK DRY GIN. The distiller is no stranger to the world of gin or fruit brandy: Florian Faude, who is renowned for his high quality fruit brandies, produces MOSAIK DRY GIN in the sunny south of Germany.

The label on the bottle reminds of a carefully designed, luxurious perfume. The colors used to create the mosaic patterns represent the four botanicals that shape the gins’ unique taste. Every bottle sold supports the „Helfer auf Achse e.V.“. which is a German charity delivering bicycles, toys and household/body products to crisis areas all over the world.

Enjoy MOSAIK DRY GIN as a Gin & Tonic with an orange zest, or in a Gin Collins cocktail garnished with mint leaves.
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