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Handmade ceramic absinthe dripper by Denise Prisi

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Please note that there are different drippers available. Please send us an email right after you’ve placed your order to let us know which dripper you’d like to receive.

There is only one of each dripper available. The following drippers are in stock:


Absinthe drippers are used to serve absinthe. Pour a measure of absinthe into an absinthe glass, place the dripper on top of the glass. Fill the dripper with ice and pour water on top. The water will drip through the ice, chilled, into the absinthe. Enjoy watching your absinthe go cloudy.

These absinthe drippers are produced by Denise Prisi in Switzerland (in the Val-de-Travers where absinthe was invented). They are made of stoneware that is fired twice at high temperatures. Afterwards, they are hand-painted which turns them into truly unique items.

  • Distillery or Brand : Denise Prisi
  • Produkttyp: Absinthe Fountain
  • Ursprungsland: Switzerland
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Weight: 0.14 kg
Dimensional Weight: 1.15 kg


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Distillery or Brand: Denise Prisi
Produkttyp: Absinthe Fountain
Ursprungsland: Switzerland

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25 Feb 2019

Added a second one to my collection :) It's beautiful work of art!! Very Pleased with Denise's handcrafted drippers. 5 stars!!

21 Jan 2019

Beautiful!!! Fits just about any glass between 8-9 cm in diameter. Functions quickly but very effectively!! Every one of these handcrafted drippers are one of a kind works of art. I see myself owning several of them :)

22 Sep 2017

Denise makes such beautiful works of art and these ceramic drippers are no exception! I love mine!

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Denise Prisi ia a potter located in the Swiss Val-de-Travers. She produces handmade, unique pottery pieces from stoneware with quite a bit of passion! Apart from absinthe drippers and fountains, she even makes pieces according to your individual wishes.
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