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Finnish organic wheat vodka, made with pure North Karelian well water.

Made in the midst of Finnish nature. Pure rivers flow from pristine pine forests, into immense lakes. Water. The main ingredient of vodka, and essential to every vodka’s success. It is all dependent on the water used. Kalevala Vodka is made using water ...

 $45/Liter  $22.50

Small-batch Organic Gin distilled in North Karelia, Finland.

Made in the midst of nature. Kalevala Gin is subtly sweet, with piney resiny juniper, and a pleasantly spicy, firey ginger touch to the finish. Organic raspberry leaf, cardamom, mint, rosemary and of course juniper go into this micro-gin

 $52/Liter  $26

Limited edition. Barrel aging gives this absinthe notes of vanilla, camphor and...

As every year, the Guy distillery created a special absinthe to celebrate the Absinthiades. The Magie Verte was developed for the Absinthiades 2016, in cooperation with the friends of the museum in Pontarlier (Les Amis du Musée de Pontarlier). Absinthe M ...

 $109/Liter  $54.50

Mundart Gin – a fruity and complex Dry Gin from southern Germany, made with 17 b...

In German, “Mundart” is the name for a regional dialect. Mundart Gin is a unique ‘dialect’ of gin, fruity and complex in the mouth – much like the local accent where this gin is made! Mundart Dry Gin is produced by Fabian Vögtl ...

 $85.50/Liter  $42.50

The first gin card game in the world.

Just Gin is the world's first gin card came that presents gins from all over the world. It contains 36 cards and thus 4 cards more than a normal ‘quartet’ game. The gins in this game range from well-known classics, such as Tanqueray No. Ten to gins fr ...


Le Gin from Drouin – a complex gin, produced from 30 varieties of cider apples f...

Drouin is mainly known for their excellent Calvados which has been produced by the family for 3 generations. Now Guillaume Drouin has developed his first gin, the Le Gin. Le Gin is definitely not a classic gin. It is produced from cider and 8 diff ...

 $49/Liter  $34.50

A gift set consisting of 3 whiskeys from the Koval distillery in Chicago: Millet...

With this gift set you can get to know 3 high quality American whiskeys from the Koval distillery in Chicago. You'll get one 200 ml bottle of each of the following whiskeys, packaged in a beautiful and practical gift box: Koval Millet Whiskey, Koval Bourbon ...


A white, alcohol-free anise beverage from the Janot distillery, France.

With Janot Blanc, enjoy the refreshing taste of a non-alcoholic anise. An aperitif for everyone wishing to enjoy the refreshing taste of a raki or ouzo, without the alcohol. Also suitable if you are looking for an alcohol-free white absinthe. Serve Janot Blanc< ...

 $10.50/Liter  $10.50

A classic absinthe fountain with 4 high quality metal taps.

This elegant and classic absinthe fountain has 4 high quality brass taps. The fountain is the perfect choice to enjoy the traditional absinthe ritual together with your friends. Like all of our glass fountains, the classic fountain is made in Europe.


A high quality replacement metal tap for your glass fountain.

Replace the plastic taps of your glass fountain with this metal tap. The tap is entirely made of metal and can be easily screwed onto your glass fountain. This high quality tap can be used for the following fountains:


Royal Green Fairy – an elegant glass fountain with 4 metal taps.

With four metal absinthe fountain taps and the bluish-green stem, the absinthe fountain Royal Green Fairy is a true eye catcher in your collection of absinthe accessories. On top of the lid sits a little blue-green fairy. This fountain is the perfect a ...


A stylish glass fountain with 2 high quality brass taps.

The absinthe fountain Green Fairy comes with 2 particularly high quality metal taps. The fountain has a blue stem and a little blue-green fairy that sits on top of the lid. The fountain is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy the traditional absint ...


Last reviews

Absinthe Roquette 1797 - barrel-aged

By Damnyougotsomebigassballs!!!!, Added on the : 04/09/2016

Best absinthe. By far my favorite. Very upset it's out of stock. I ordered this when it first came out and periodically since. Now that it's out of stock I'm upset I only got two bottles on my last order. I should have gotten ten. More for me- less for you.

Set Pernod Fils Absinthe Recette Traditionnelle

By Capital,just Capital., Added on the : 26/08/2016

I am so looking forward to this work of art being back in your stock, I can not wait to have it sitting upon my dining room table in all its splendour.

Note from Unfortunately, this fountain is no longer made.

Absinthe Spoon Wormwood - Gold

By MerryDrunk, Added on the : 25/08/2016

Wow this spoon is beautiful! It's a nice gold electroplate that catches your eye. Most spoons are silver in color, so when you see this one it really stands out. I always get compliments on it. One thing to note - this spoon is actually fairly larger than you'd expect. So it may seem a bit awkward depending on which glass you use. It might not sit well at first, so you'll have to play around with it a bit. This spoon makes a great addition to my small collection. I would highly recommend.

Absinthe Akveld's Artisanale Verte

By Absinthe lover, Added on the : 10/08/2016

When opening the bottle, you can smell the herbs.
After edding water, the anis and other herbs filled my room.
Great taste and very nice louche.
Good experiance with this first try of (dutch?) Akvelds absinthe.

Absinthe Vit Opal

By Carlo, Added on the : 27/07/2016

This may be the ideal Blanche for those who mostly love the Vertes or enjoy cocktails. The louche is beautiful, showing bluish reflexes while staying opalescent and not too thick, with a clear top layer, stil thick even above 1:5. The aroma is subtle and complex and deep rather then intense. All the flavours peculiar to the Grön Opal are here too, the Vit being less herbaceous and having even stronger notes of ginger and cola. Think of a pond surrounded by wild grass in summer day. The sweetness of green anise is present but not as strong or even intrusive as in some Bleue. The lovely bitterness of wormwood is surrounded by other spicy notes. Because of its balance it is difficult to tear apart the main components, and the general feeling is that of freshly cut wild grass. The finish is fresh and slightly bitter, and it stays forever both in the nose and tongue.
While I drink almost exclusively the vertes, I was drawn to the Vit because of the very good experience I had with Grön and because of its lower alcohol content. The Vit is likely to be the only blanche I am going to buy again and again (I bought three bottles so far). It is less strong (or even less heavy) than the Grön, while retaining its complex palette of tastes and aromas. My favourite dilution is 1:5 or even higher, with no sugar. I found it is also perfect in cocktails like Suissesse (with egg white and orgeat) or mixed with elderflower or rose syrup, as its flavours remain always evident.