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Excellent service. We will certainly be shopping here again.

Sugar for Absinthe

By Extremely Satisfied, Added on the : 23/02/2017

what i expected and more, speedy shipping to Australia and the packing was impeccable would recommend 10/10 to all

Absinthe Spoon Feuille - Chrome

By Dark horse, Added on the : 22/02/2017

I am very glad to have these spoons I had been using the spoons from a mass marketed product that where no more that stamped flat metal i find i can safely put up to 3 cubes of sugar on one of these an not have to worry about spillage on the counter , due to their good functional design

Absinthe Adnams Rouge

By Dark horse, Added on the : 22/02/2017

even though I did not get a dark red color change when water was added I found the show put on quite interesting as it changed to a rather darker yellow color and the product taste was exceptional . and even though this was a strong absinthe I did not find any strong alcoholic bite but a melody of flowery flavor. as this seems to be an artisan product I would not expect uniformity but still a nice surprise

Paul Devoille Absinthe serving tray

By Dark horse, Added on the : 22/02/2017

this tray was delivered in fantastic condition the store picture does not do justice to the great artwork on this tray