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Absinthe Grön Opal

By AbsintheRox, Added on the : 17/02/2017

This is by far my favorite absinthe to date. I have tried 30 different brands, all due to ratings and recommendations. This outshines them all.

Absinthe La Valote Bovet: Nostalgie Paris 1900

By Topri, Added on the : 17/02/2017

The La Valote Bovet was a Christmas present for my son - who fancies himself a knowledgable Absinthe aficionado. He advised me that he really enjoyed the Absinthe and will be ordering more in the future. Regarding the ordering and delivery process to the USA , it was excellent- good communications along the way and the package was delivered in great condition- many thanks

Absinthe Apocalypse

By This Elixer of the gods is wonderful., Added on the : 16/02/2017

I received my bottle of Absinthe Apocalypse quite a while after I ordered it, but nonetheless it is here. I enjoy the wonderful aroma and delightful taste of the Absinthe, and you can tell Thurmond is present from the black licorice like taste so it is not a fake. I didn't expect to get a free ritual spoon for free but you guys rock and are in predictable. I love it.

Absinthe Akveld's Artisanale Blanche

By Rocky Styx, Added on the : 16/02/2017

This is probably the best I have tasted so far. For the price and not being Swiss, might geting it overlooked.

Absinthe Jade Terminus Oxygenee

By Absintheur, Added on the : 16/02/2017

I purchased this absinthe around the first of February and it arrived on the 16th to my home in the United States. The bottle is absolutely beautiful and the taste is easily the best absinthe I've ever had. I will definitely be ordering more from the Jade line! My only con about the entire bottle was that the cork proved to be a nightmare. The corkscrew I had barely worked (and I'm not all that well-versed in it's usage) so it ended up butchering the cork.