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Absinthe Mead Base 2016 - 50cl

Czech Republic / 65%

The newest batch of absinthe made from mead. Honey absinthe, so to speak.

Mead Base Absinthe is a unique creation from Martin Zufanek, made using alcohol distilled from mead, which is fermented from honey cultivated by the Zufanek family themselves (or rather, from their bees).The base mead-spirit used to make thi ...

 $116/Liter  $58

Anis Combier - 70cl

France / 45%

Made from raw spices and and pure alcohol according to a historic recipe, in the...

The anise from Combier is produced according to an original recipe from the 19th century that comes from the archives of the distillery in Saumur. Selected herbs such as the best green anise from Spain and fennel from Provence are used for the pr ...

 $35.50/Liter  $25

Gin Meridor – the first London Dry Gin from the Loire Valley in France.

Gin Meridor is the first London Dry Gin produced by the Combier distillery in Saumur, France. Master distiller and owner of the distillery, Franck Choisne worked for over a year to perfect the recipe.About 8 different plants and spices

 $56/Liter  $39

The MZCL Mezcal is distilled in Mexico, made from 100% wild agaves.

The MZCL Mezcal is distilled in Mexico, made from 100% wild agaves.

 $130.50/Liter  $91.50

Absinthe Matte - 50cl

Switzerland / 52%

Matte Absinthe - the first absinthe produced in Bern for more than 100 years.

Matte Absinthe is produced by Lars Urfer at the Matte distillery in Bern. It is the first absinthe produced in Bern for more than 100 years.Along with anise, wormwood and fennel, this absinthe contains lemon balm, peppermint and coriander. The wo ...

 $130.50/Liter  $65

Gin Matte Gin - 50cl

Switzerland / 42%

An aromatic Dry Gin produced by the Matte distillery in Bern.

Matte Dry Gin is produced by Lars Urfer in the Matte distillery in Switzerland. Lars opened his distillery in Bern in 2016. Alongside Matte Gin, he also makes Matte Absinthe. 10 different ...

 $116/Liter  $58

Last reviews

Kalevala Organic Gin - Finnish Micro-Distillery Gin

By Ginlady, Added on the : 21/01/2017

Lovely gin, sweet & floral. Works well in G&T with Fever tree and a bit of lime.

Henri Bardouin Pastis

By Lars jonlid, Added on the : 19/01/2017

Very nice pastis, my wife and I having one right now !!!

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

By Tuzzy, Added on the : 19/01/2017

I Like it!
It is a good and well balanced BITTER absinthe.
Nice louche, nice colour, good aroma and without a crazy price.
I will buy it again.

Absinthe Jade 1901

By Henning, Added on the : 18/01/2017

Absolute fantastic. Most Absintheurs will be pleased with this one.

Absinthe Glass Le Lyonnais

By Kevin, Added on the : 18/01/2017

A nice and sturdy glass. Not too heavy, but the walls of the glass are thick enough to give it some heft. In addition to absinthe, the design of the glass is suitable for serving many different liqueurs. The seam left by the glass molding process is fairly noticeable, so I must deduct a star for that.