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A reproduction glass with bubble reservoir for measuring your absinthe. High qua...

The absinthe glass Bubble II is entirely handmade, produced by artisan glass makers in Europe. It is a reproduction of an antique absinthe glass from the Belle Epoque. The bubble lets you add a serving of absinthe to the glass without needing a measuring ...


An old-fashioned thick-walled liqueur glass in an authentic bistro style.

The liqueur glass Deguster is made in France, in an authentic bistro-style. The glass is thick, sturdy and can be put in the dishwasher without any problems. It is an ideal choice for enjoying one of our liq ...


A reproduction of a glass from the year 1895.

The absinthe glass Artois is a reproduction of an antique glass from 1895. It has a faceted pattern around the lower half of the glass and a pleasing weight in the hand. The Artois glass is equally suited to use as an absinthe glass, water glass or beer g ...


A beautiful absinthe and wine glass from France, named after a French renaissanc...

The absinthe and wine glass Amboise was named after the first Renaissance castle in the Loire Valley, France. The floral decor was inspired by Venetian glasses from the 15th century. The middle of the glass shows a heart that is surrounded by different fl ...


A wonderfully evocative and aromatic recreation of kummel liqueur, a digestif fa...

Combier Doppelt Kummel Extra, double cumin extra, is a recreation of a traditional liqueur, using the distillery's original 19th century recipe. Using the finest botanicals, spirit and pure sugar, the result is an excitingly aromatic liqueur. Combie ...

 $52.50/Liter  $37

A cute little jar of liqueur cherries. A delicious cocktail garnish, or guilty t...

These Morello cherries, called Griottes in French, are made in a traditional manner by the Paul Devoille distillery in Fougerolles – in the heart of the region famous in France for cherries and for its kirsch eau-de-vie. This long-established distillery ar ...

 $83/Liter  $8.50

Sour Morello cherries bathed in Kirsch cherry liqueur. A delicious cocktail garn...

These Morello cherries, called Griottes in French, are made in a traditional manner by the Paul Devoille distillery in Fougerolles – in the heart of the region famous in France for cherries and for its kirsch eau-de-vie. This long-established distillery are expert kirsch d ...

 $41/Liter  $23.50

A traditional Kirsch from the French capital of eau de vie: Fougerolles.

In France, Fougerolles is known as the capital of kirsch, and with good reason: they simply make outstandingly good cherry eau de vie. Devoille’s kirsch is made according to traditional methods, passed down from one generation to the next. The sweet che ...

 $56/Liter  $39

A fruity Williams pear liqueur from the Paul Devoille distillery.

Fully ripe Williams pears are used to make this sweet and aromatic liqueur. This particularly fruity liqueur is made by the Devoille distillery in Fougerolles. Williams pears from the Rhone valley in France are used exclusively. The Devoille distillery ...

 $35.50/Liter  $25

A sweet and aromatic Mirabelle liqueur, made at the Paul Devoille distillery, Fr...

The taste and aroma of ripe Mirabelle plums is quite simply delicious. These delicate pale yellow fruits lend their sweet flavour to this top quality liqueur. Only carefully chosen fruit is used to make the liqueur, which is made according to the Devoille distillery’s ...

 $37.50/Liter  $26

Traditional alpine genepi liqueur. From rocky outcrop to bottle.

Genepi is a herbal liqueur beloved of the people in the French Alps. This genepi liqueur is made by the Devoille distillery in Fougerolles, a distillery with a rich heritage and profound knowledge of liqueur-making going back around 150 years. The main ...

 $54.50/Liter  $27.50

A unique Czech gin made by Zufanek for “Le Valmont Club & Lounge” in Prague.

Le Gin Occulte has been developed by Martin Zufanek in collaboration with the “Le Valmont Club & Lounge” bar in Prague. The bar’s owners’ creativity and desires were distilled into this gin (with the help of specially selected herbs and spices). ...

 $80.50/Liter  $40.50

Last reviews

Absinthe Spoon Wormwood - Gold

By MerryDrunk, Added on the : 25/08/2016

Wow this spoon is beautiful! It's a nice gold electroplate that catches your eye. Most spoons are silver in color, so when you see this one it really stands out. I always get compliments on it. One thing to note - this spoon is actually fairly larger than you'd expect. So it may seem a bit awkward depending on which glass you use. It might not sit well at first, so you'll have to play around with it a bit. This spoon makes a great addition to my small collection. I would highly recommend.

Absinthe Akveld's Artisanale Verte

By Absinthe lover, Added on the : 10/08/2016

When opening the bottle, you can smell the herbs.
After edding water, the anis and other herbs filled my room.
Great taste and very nice louche.
Good experiance with this first try of (dutch?) Akvelds absinthe.

Absinthe Vit Opal

By Carlo, Added on the : 27/07/2016

This may be the ideal Blanche for those who mostly love the Vertes or enjoy cocktails. The louche is beautiful, showing bluish reflexes while staying opalescent and not too thick, with a clear top layer, stil thick even above 1:5. The aroma is subtle and complex and deep rather then intense. All the flavours peculiar to the Grön Opal are here too, the Vit being less herbaceous and having even stronger notes of ginger and cola. Think of a pond surrounded by wild grass in summer day. The sweetness of green anise is present but not as strong or even intrusive as in some Bleue. The lovely bitterness of wormwood is surrounded by other spicy notes. Because of its balance it is difficult to tear apart the main components, and the general feeling is that of freshly cut wild grass. The finish is fresh and slightly bitter, and it stays forever both in the nose and tongue.
While I drink almost exclusively the vertes, I was drawn to the Vit because of the very good experience I had with Grön and because of its lower alcohol content. The Vit is likely to be the only blanche I am going to buy again and again (I bought three bottles so far). It is less strong (or even less heavy) than the Grön, while retaining its complex palette of tastes and aromas. My favourite dilution is 1:5 or even higher, with no sugar. I found it is also perfect in cocktails like Suissesse (with egg white and orgeat) or mixed with elderflower or rose syrup, as its flavours remain always evident.

Absinthe Spoon Keyring - Chrome

By MLEmbleton, Added on the : 23/07/2016

I just had to get this, it makes a cute addition to my key ring.

Absinthe Spoon Eiffel Tower - Chrome

By MLEmbleton, Added on the : 23/07/2016

A very attractive design, looks wonderful, works fine.