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Absinthe Matte - 50cl

Switzerland / 52%

Matte Absinthe - the first absinthe produced in Bern for more than 100 years.

Matte Absinthe is produced by Lars Urfer at the Matte distillery in Bern. It is the first absinthe produced in Bern for more than 100 years.Along with anise, wormwood and fennel, this absinthe contains lemon balm, peppermint and coriander. The wo ...

 $130.50/Liter  $65

Gin Matte Gin - 50cl

Switzerland / 42%

An aromatic Dry Gin produced by the Matte distillery in Bern.

Matte Dry Gin is produced by Lars Urfer in the Matte distillery in Switzerland. Lars opened his distillery in Bern in 2016. Alongside Matte Gin, he also makes Matte Absinthe. ...

 $116/Liter  $58

Last reviews

Absinthe Pipe SLIPSTREAM®

By Christiana, Added on the : 07/12/2016

I'm not yet an absinthe connoisseur, but it seems to me that this is the best way to enjoy absinthe. A perfect combination of ergonomics and aesthetics! Totally satisfied with the package and delivery, as well.

Absinthe Abisinthe Amer 72

By Lars jonlid, Added on the : 02/12/2016

I am very pleased with the amer 72 """ What more can I say ??

Absinthe Sade

By Great Stuff, Added on the : 01/12/2016

An unbelievable absinthe from our usual Swiss friends, this one is so meticulous and sophisticated that you wouldn't want to drink it every day. The aroma itself is something special and the flavor does in fact go up the classic and ordinary traditional path; up until a certain point. But at that point it indeed breaks off from its trajectory, changing its heading into uncharted territory. A true original product here, good luck to those attempting to catch this Blackbird with a conventional missile.

Absinthe Magie Verte

By Rudi, Added on the : 01/12/2016

Has a similar profile as the other Guy absinthes, but more intense. Can handle a 1 to 3 or 1/4 water. The aging adds a very nice character. Well done.

Absinthe Jade Terminus Oxygenee

By Anonymous, Added on the : 01/12/2016

So good. Slightly less astringent than other Jades I've tasted - the wormwood isn't as aggressive and it's easier to drink (almost dangerously easy). Feels creamy in the mouth, only a very gentle numbing of the palate, you don't want to swallow it because it tastes so lovely. Difficult to pick between this and the 1901 for my favourite of the Jade line, but I'd give it to the Terminus for anise lovers.