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Jigger bar measure

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This bar measure, also known as a jigger, is a convenient way to measure out your absinthe. Each individual absinthe needs a slightly different amount of water added to optimally bring out its flavours: To serve most absinthe, add one part absinthe to the glass followed by 2 to 6 parts chilled water. (Usually, the higher the alcohol strength of the absinthe, the more water needs adding.)

This jigger measures around 18ml on one side (enough absinthe for small tasting glass), and twice that on the other (ideal for a typical absinthe glass).

Embellished with the Fairy logo, this jigger is also handy for measuring cocktail ingredients. A home bar essential.

  • Distillery or Brand : RUEVERTE
  • Produkttyp: Messbecher
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Weight: 0.04 kg
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Distillery or Brand: RUEVERTE
Produkttyp: Messbecher

Customer evaluation for (54)

2 Apr 2020

Super helpful. I’m pleased it was free. It’s really handy.

9 Mar 2020

Very nice jigger. Works and stays clean. Can't complain.

27 Feb 2020

Nice to have free by signing up for the newsletter. Gets the job done!

31 Jan 2020

Beau petit doseur avec inscription Absinthes. Cadeau de bienvenue. Merci !

29 Jan 2020

Perfect! Such a Great Free Gift! Great quality and showed in the best condition!

10 Jan 2020

Came free with an order but looks quite nice compared to my standard silver ones

11 Dec 2019

The ordering experience and delivery were flawless and I will definitely return...

10 Dec 2019

yeah, nice... we prefer the spoon schwag. already got one... of these.

10 Dec 2019

Handy tool! I appreciate the free accoutrements for my home bar.

8 Dec 2019

Très pratique pour doser, mesures : 18 ml et 36 ml

24 Nov 2019

Très bon produit, arriver assez rapidement et en bonne état
merci. :)

23 Nov 2019

Works good for looks nice with that finish. Recommended

6 Nov 2019

Great quality - feels like a premium product and looks good.

12 Sep 2019

Reçu en cadeau avec ma fontaine, il est très élégant avec une belle couleur, au top !

22 Jul 2019

Reçu avec ma dernière commande.
Assez utile et d'une belle esthétique.

26 Jun 2019

Did the job very well it sits with my shot glass collection waiting to be used on fridays

26 Apr 2019

Pratique et esthétique ! je ne l'utilise pas systématiquement mais davantage lors de soirées où je souhaite mettre en avant toute ma panoplie autour de l'absinthe !

25 Mar 2019

Praktisches Produkt, geeignet zum Dosieren der richtigen Menge Absinthe.

25 Mar 2019

Free with my first order, nothing to complain about!

29 Jan 2019

Vraiment sympathique et je l'ai reçu très bien emballé.

24 Jan 2019

Bel instrument, beau design, mesures à 18ml et 36ml très utiles pour les doses d'absinthe ou tout autre alcool.

21 Jan 2019

Free gift is always a nice touch. What´s not to like.

8 Jan 2019

Très pratique. Les doses proposées (petite ou grande) sont bien proportionnées.

4 Jan 2019

Mal eine ganz andere Farbe . Sieht cool aus,
Perfekt bzum Dosieren

20 Dec 2018

Very useful for Absinthe dosage, a very beautiful welcome gift.

17 Dec 2018

Compact and it was free with my order, so how can I complain? I've already used it a few times and I get perfect pours each time. Looks great on my Absinthe tray.

17 Dec 2018

Très bel objet conforme à la photo.livraison rapide.

13 Dec 2018

el jigger es muy llamativo, con un sorprendente color rosado, las medidas, suficientes para el uso al que se destina

6 Dec 2018

A nice useful little item which was included free of charge with my order. It is a thoughtful customer appreciation gift. Thank you!

4 Dec 2018

Thingy is cool to use. Don't really know to say more about it though..

15 Oct 2018

Den Messbecher gab's als Geschenk dazu. Ich kann ihn zwar nicht wirklich gebrauchen. Aber auf jeden Fall sehr hübsch anzusehen und für Kenner bestimmt auch nützlich :-)

15 Oct 2018

Good adition to the set, helps me measure desired quantity of absinthe. Although I had another one for mixing cocktails, this brass one is reserved specially for absinthe :)

Brass finish is realy beautiful.

5 Oct 2018

Adorable copper jigger, it actually came free with my order, but I would totally pay for another.

4 Oct 2018

Thought was a good quality item and looks pretty, especially nice being FREE!

14 Sep 2018

Very nice jigger. And even better for free. Thanks

12 Sep 2018

Useful and the jigger arrived in great shape. I use it all the time for drink mixing.

7 Sep 2018

Petit cadeau sympa, peut être utile pour mesurer la dose

3 Sep 2018

A very convinient product to use when preparing your glass of absinthe!

22 Aug 2018

Looks and feels elegant. Perfect sizes to make absinthe or any drink with!

9 Aug 2018

Très pratique et facile d'entretien, pas de difficulté pour le rangement

23 Jul 2018

RAS parfait......................................................

23 Jul 2018

Super cadeau offert pour ma commande de chartreuse

9 Jul 2018

Hat alles gut geklappt. Bin sehr zufrieden! Kann man weiter empfehlen! TOP!!!

15 Jun 2018

Reçu en cadeau et bien pratique pour les dosages a absinthe

30 May 2018

Great little measure, looks awesome and well worth the price!

15 May 2018

ras, correspond à la commande et comme il était offert c'est top !!

13 May 2018

A beautiful piece that will do it's job. The logo just makes it special.

11 Jan 2018

Nice looking and very useful for precise preparation of absinthe.

4 Jan 2018

Tolle Beigabe zur Bestellung. Sehr praktisch und sieht auch gut aus.

29 Dec 2017

Wow. Little, simple with good material. Recommended.

21 Dec 2017

I give it 4 stars. Thanks. I like it. I’ll use it.

21 Dec 2017

Reçu en cadeau lors de ma première commande. J’apprecie le geste de l’entreprise et le côté pratique . Merci

21 Dec 2017

Lovely little welcome gift, awesome quality and fast delivery :)

6 Dec 2017

Quite useful, though the volume of the big end is a little less than I would normally use. Regular shot glasses are closer to the portion of absinthe I like to use in a glass.

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Our very own brands – we currently make a clear absinthe „Blanche Neige“, a green absinthe „Gustave“, and a gin „DER THEWES“.
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