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Links & partners : The Oldest, Largest, Absinthe Site.

FeeVerte saw the light in 1997. Back then absinthe was only just starting to live again. The website evolved until becoming what it is today : a reference in the world of absinthe. Not only is it an important source of pictures and information, FeeVerte is also:

- a Forum : One of the most lively places where fascionated people from around the world meet and discuss topics on absinthe.
- a Buyer's guide : You will find many descriptions of absinthes from various regions : it is the ideal place to share your impressions.

     The Wormwood Society : America's premier absinthe association & information network

The the Wormwood Society, a non-profit educational and consumer advocacy organization started in January 2004. It is focused on providing current, accurate information - whether historical or scientific - on absinthe, the most maligned and misunderstood drink in history.

It is a wonderful source of information where you'll find: brand recommendations, reviews, news, cocktail recipes, historical and scientific documents, as well as one of the most famous absinthe forums.

     Websites about absinthe : First and only Polish website with historical absinthe recipes. Also covers the process of producing absinthe.