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This ABSINTHEXPLORE box is an ideal set for an exploration of green absinthes (the “Vertes”) from various horizons.

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  • 1 absinthe Libertine 68 Amer - 50ml
  • 1 absinthe St. Antoine - 50ml
  • 1 absinthe Angélique Verte Suisse - 50ml
  • 1 absinthe Roquette 1797 - 50ml
  • 1 absinthe Eichelberger 68 Limitée - 50ml
  • 1 absinthe François Guy - 50ml
  • 2 spoons Croix II
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This ABSINTHEXPLORE box is an ideal set for an exploration of green absinthes (the “Vertes”) from various horizons.

In addition to 6 absinthes of exceptional quality, the box also includes 2 absinthe spoons so that you can savour your favourite drink in the most traditional way, and share the experience among friends for even more pleasure.

Moreover, it also includes a postcard describing the absinthe ritual. That way you'll undoubtedly prepare your absinthe at its best and fully enjoy all its emerging aromas.

Santé !

Description of the products

Libertine 68 Amer develops a very savoury bitterness, thanks to a powerful grand wormwood,
Good for those who enjoy strong sensations.

It is the third absinthe of a serie, following Libertine 55 and Libertine 72. It won a prize in the 2004 Absinthiades in Pontarlier.
Produced according to a recipe from last century (1894), Libertine 68 Amer is an authentic absinthe.
It is entirely made with plants and seeds. Its colour is 100% natural.
In its composition are included mainly grand wormwood, green anise, star anise, liquorice, fennel, coriander, Melissa, hyssop and veronica.
Libertine 68 Amer has the particularity of having been produced from a distilled blend (each plant macerates and is then distilled individually before blending).

An excellent absinthe with a wet character !
A strong taste and a complex aromatic palette characterise Angélique Verte Suisse. An exceptional novelty, full of harmony.

It is a true Swiss "Verte" from the Val-de-Travers made from 12 different plants, including angelica and grand wormwood. Its colour is obtained by the addition of a maceration of different aromatic plants, no artificial colouring is added.

Angélique Verte Suisse absinthe can also be qualified as the rebel and diabolic sister of the Clandestine. Indeed, it is stronger and more bitter, but is nevertheless as characteristic as the Swiss absinthes.

In our opinion, one of the best absinthes available today!!!

Another version is also available, in which double the maceration is used for the colouring process. (Angélique 72 Verte)

Unique among absinthes, Roquette 1797 absinthe gives us a glimpse of what absinthe was like starting its first steps on the road to becoming the most popular drink in France.

Roquette 1797 has been brought back to life from an unpublished, hand-written manuscript dating from the eighteenth century, when absinthe was more mysterious elixir than evening aperitif.

The Roquette 1797 owes its pretty, natural colour to the infusion of three plants ordinarily used during the colouring stage.

The three classic absinthe plants are all there - green anise, fennel and grand wormwood - along with some more uncommon additions, although that bit's a secret...


- For the full range of products from the Emile Pernot distillery, please visit their webshop. -

An absinthe as fresh as it is complex. Probably the best German absinthe.

Unsweetened, it contains only quality herbs. Its colour is natural.
A traditional absinthe with exotic flavours!

François Guy is more aniseed than average and is produced in the pure traditional way, according to an ancient house recipe. This absinthe will enchant both novices and confirmed absinthe drinkers.

According to a recipe more than a century old, its colour is obtained entirely naturally from plants.
François Guy is produced from old methods of distillation guaranteeing the character of the traditional taste of absinthe. It is therefore no surprise that it won a prize three times in a row at the Absinthiades in Pontarlier.

A particular absinthe which merits being discovered!
This spoon is inspired by an ancient ''Croix'' model from the Belle Époque.

It is decorated with 8 crosses and 18 stretched holes.

This spoon is the perfect choice for the traditional absinthe ritual.

This spoon fits perfectly in one of our hardcover spoon boxes, available in black and green.

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By LadyAza

Added on the : 04/08/2013

Excellent sampling pack for new tastes! Considering the (sometimes) difficult process of getting European Absinthe to the United States, it is wonderful to sample new Absinthes before trying to get entire, often-expensive bottles through the vagaries of shipping.

We were suprised by what suited our tastes and what didn't; had I not ordered the samples prior to an entire bottle, I would have been quite disappointed. The packaging is elegant and quite sturdy - arriving in pristine condition despite overseas travel. The 50 cl tubes of each Absinthe are a perfect amount for 2 people to sample one variety; with sugar or without? More water or less? Finding the perfect vehicle for maximum enjoyment was wonderfully easy! This set is also perfect to introduce the uninitiated to the wonders of European Absinthe - allowing for many different tastes in one sitting to determine a favorite.

It also makes a very classy gift and impressed the most snobbish of cocktail enthusiasts in a most satisfying manner.

Shipping was extremely fast and packed perfectly. The quality of Absinthes received was excellent. If you are looking for the perfect "try before you buy" - this is the item for you. Thanks to for a wonderful product and experience.

By Brian

Added on the : 29/07/2010

Great concept! You get samples and spoons within a few days, you try them all at home with some friends while listening to good music, you gather feedbacks from them, and then you can order bottles or more samples of the most enjoyed ones for your next parties.

Easy and cheap!

By Amazing

Added on the : 29/07/2010

This is the perfect gift box for whoever wishes to taste or discover quality absinthes without having to buy full bottles. I got the 6 samples + 2 spoons set and I was truly impressed by the packaging quality and delivery time. Now I know what absinthes I like the most and can order full bottles without worrying at all!

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