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Absinthe Lucid - 70 cl

Striking design. A traditional absinthe with classic flavours and slightly peppery finish.   Read the whole description

Absinthe Lucid - 70 cl

Striking design. A traditional absinthe with classic flavours and slightly peppery finish.
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  • Distillery : Combier & Jade Liqueurs
  • Alcohol Content : 62%
  • Production Method : Distillation
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Lucid broke new ground in the USA, being the first absinthe available for almost a century.

T.A. Breaux worked at the Combier Distillery in the Loire Valley, with their Belle Epoque era stills, pure spirit and traditional absinthe plants to make this absinthe with classic flavours.

Lucid is distilled exclusively from natural ingredients, and coloured the way it was done a hundred years ago. The only modern thing about this absinthe is the unique bottle with its striking cat's eyes.

Nose : Herbal, perfumed.

Palate : Classic green anise, fennel and wormwood.

Finish : Slightly spicy, almost peppery.
- In 2007, Lucid became the first absinthe available in the United States since the absinthe ban of 1912.

- The Combier Distillery uses traditional copper bain marie stills that were acquired directly from the Pernod Fils distillery, after a fire there in 1901. These stills have a capacity of 1150 liters, were built entirely by hand around 1870 and feature full hydro-rectification, enabling the still master precise control over the distillation process.
From the creator of the Jade series of absinthes, T.A. Breaux.

The Combier distillery was founded in 1834. Today it is the oldest distillery in the Loire region still in production.

Apart from absinthe, it produces, according to ancestral methods, refined alcohols: liqueurs qnd alcohols, but also syrups from the region’s fruit. The main products are Triple Sec, one of the distillery’s original creations, and Royal Combier, as well as a wide variety of fruit liqueurs for cocktails.
- At first, savour your Lucid with half a piece of sugar. Then, add more or less according to your taste.

- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measures of fresh water.
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  • Distillery :
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  • Alcohol Content :
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  • Anise taste :
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  • 70 cl
  • Combier & Jade Liqueurs
  • France
  • 62%
  • Distillation
  • Green
  • Saumur / Maine-et-Loire
  • Yes
  • Natural cork
  • Natural
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By Northern-Regius. Posted 02/03/2015

2.5 to 3 Star- This is the drink that drove me to find on-line distributors of REALLY good Absinthes. This mediocre blend has a peppery finish & as the 1st Absinthe to be offered in the US after the ban lifted- it was outrageously over-priced. I'd suggest skipping this one unless you can get it for under $50 a bottle.

By Great Stuff. Posted 16/12/2012

The best way to describe this Verte is a Novice mans drink. Flavor notes are very good as well as the louche. Color is a very light grass green. Would prefer a darker color but we are still all natural here. All and all this is a good absinthe that I have enjoyed several times. But keep in mind once other more complex and robust Verte's are discovered (assuming they are also available) you will quickly drop this one. I can easily say that this bottle got me deeper into the Absinthe scene and sucessfully filled its role as a gateway absinthe, but I am with the heavy hitters now.