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Absinthe La Clandestine 1935 - barrel-aged - 20 cl

This absinthe was stored and aged in an oak barrel for 6 years. A unique absinthe, packed in a hand-crafted wooden box.   Read the whole description

Absinthe La Clandestine 1935 - barrel-aged - 20 cl

This absinthe was stored and aged in an oak barrel for 6 years. A unique absinthe, packed in a hand-crafted wooden box.
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  • Distillery : Artemisia-Bugnon
  • Alcohol Content : 51%
  • Production Method : Distillation
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La Clandestine 1935 - barrel-aged is made after the La Clandestine recipe, and aged in an oak barrel for 6 years. Claude-Alain was always interested in finding out what aging an absinthe for such a long time would do to the drink. The distiller of the Artémisia Bugnon Distillery is thrilled about the result.

What does it taste like?

Absinthe La Clandestine 1935 combines the flavours of a classic absinthe with all the woody and vanilla-like notes you get from a classic cognac. Experts and absintheurs who were given the opportunity to taste this special absinthe, are overwhelmed by it. Other absinthe lovers are intrigued by it, and bar and restaurant owners are determined to sell this drink and the absinthe speciality in their establishment.

How should you drink La Clandestine 1935?

Claude-Alain Bugnon and other absinthe experts have enjoyed Barrique as a classic after dinner digestif before: neat, in the way most people would drink an aged Cognac or an 18 year old Single Malt. Further suggestions are to try this absinthe with small amounts of iced water or ice. This method will probably release more aromas and flavours, and of course the addition of water will make this absinthe louche. However, connoisseurs expecting the clarity of a cognac with water and ice will probably be surprised by the cloudy outcome. Alan Moss, representative of La Clandestine Absinthe suggests to start using only very small amounts of water when experimenting with this method. To summarize, there are two ways to enjoy this absinthe:

-Mixed with a little iced water

Apparently, Claude-Alain himself prefers to enjoy the La Clandestine 1935 neat, with a cigar.

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  • 20 cl
  • Artemisia-Bugnon
  • Switzerland
  • 51%
  • Distillation
  • Couvet
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By Kris Carlson. Posted 29/08/2013

Given the rarity, I've been waiting for a special occasion to taste this. I could wait no longer, and have sampled it tonight. I first sampled the aroma. Wonderful notes of oak are strong, and interlaced with a typical Clandestine complexity. Because of this I took a sip neet. I was surprised by a reminder of cognac, yet not like cognac. It was the oak that left me with a cognac cognition. My next glass will be neet, but this time I played it safe, and mixed it with ice cold spring water. I watched it louche as I mixed the ice cold water over white sugar cubes (2 small cubes). It louches a wonderful redish brown. The oak overtones mellows the flavor. It adds a whole new dimension to this wonderful drink. If it were not for some other incredibly good absinthes, I might hail this as the best. I have not tried a 100 year old Pernod Fils, but I suspect they will not be as tasty as this work of art.

Claude has produced a truly remarkable Absinthe in Clandestine Barrique. The herbs are well balanced, and comprise a beverage that glides across the tongue with a wonderful creamy texture leaving overtones of Anise, wormwood and oak. There is a touch of dryness in the finish. A wonderful dryness, like a dry martini. I bet this comes from the oils of the oak.

I will be looking forward to each batch from now on. I hope to have a reserve to be able to treat lovers of Absinthe with something truly special as I encounter them on the road of life.

Thank you Claude ! Your Absinthes are my favorite.

Best Wishes,

By StrategyMojo. Posted 07/05/2013

The packaging and bottle itself are wonderful. There is a clear relationship of artisan quality in the container--and the product contained. Wonderful aroma, mellow and complex flavors; it is beyond cognac. I hope to see more of this available in the future. As it is, I am rationing it very carefully to friends with a palate on very special occaisions.

By Unique!. Posted 28/03/2013

Such a great experience.. Starts with a great classic cognac taste, and finishes with notes of the absinthe. Great drink, it blends the best of both worlds.