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Absinthe La Maison Fontaine Verte - 70 cl

A Verte of the range of La Maison Fontiane absinthes.   Read the whole description

Absinthe La Maison Fontaine Verte - 70 cl

A Verte of the range of La Maison Fontiane absinthes.
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  • Distillery : Emile Pernot
  • Alcohol Content : 55%
  • Production Method : Distillation
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note rueverte 9 La Maison Fontaine Verte is masterfully refined using an array of natural herbs including the world-renowned Pontarlier-grown Grande Absinthe. In combination with the natural herbal coloration this creates a classic floral Verte with rich herbal and peppery notes.

Connoisseurs believe that the perfect serve is to drip 3 measures of chilled water from an absinthe fountain over 1 measure of Fontaine Verte. This creates a stimulating, refreshing drink with a vintage green louche. Some prefer a more intense flavour and sip it neat or pour it over ice.

Fontaine Verte is also a wonderfully versatile spirit that can be mixed into an array of sublime cocktails.

- La Maison Fontaine Verte is designed to be a very versatile spirit. On this website are a few ways to enjoy this absinthe, created with the help of one of London's leading “sipsmiths” and cocktail writer, Allan Gage.

- La Maison Fontaine Verte is a registered trademark of Metropolitan Spirits Ltd.
“Les fils d'Emile Pernot” distillery was founded in 1890 in Pontarlier, France, by Emile Pernot. In 1910, the distillery produced approximately 450 hectolitres; that is not surprising, because in those days, the consumption of absinthe was making good progress.

When “Fee Verte” was banned in 1915, the distillery turned its production to other products such as those made from aniseed, fruit brandies or alcohol made from gentian.

In 2001 the small distillery started to reproduce absinthe with “Un Emile” from an old family recipe.

In 2005, the distillery was sold to François Thevenin, who has since developed the firm to add a touch of modernity.

A year later, at the end of 2006, François Thevenin bought the Klainguer distillery, also situated in Pontarlier, and formed the Pernot – Klainguer distillery.
- At first, savour La Maison Fontaine Verte without any sugar. Then according to your taste, add some eventually.

- For one measure of absinthe (3cl), add 2 to 5 measure of fresh water.
  • Capacity :
  • Distillery :
  • Country of Origin :
  • Alcohol Content :
  • Production Method :
  • Color :
  • City / Region :
  • Anise taste :
  • Stopper :
  • Coloration :
  • 70 cl
  • Emile Pernot
  • France
  • 55%
  • Distillation
  • Green
  • Pontarlier
  • Yes
  • Natural cork
  • Natural
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By Gnome. Posted 01/09/2014

This was my introduction to the world of Absinthe. Glad I did some research before buying so I managed to steer clear of the faux products and get the real stuff instead. Living in Norway I have to stay below 60% alc/vol (_60% is defined as narcotics by law here) so I'm glad there's some quality products available. And this is one of them.

I had heard good stuff about La Maison Fontaine Blanche so I went for the Verte version for purely aesthetic reasons since I wanted a taste of the real and infamous green fairy.

I'm reviewing this now after I have tasted a few others as well and I can safely say that this holds up to other quality Absinthes, La Maison Fontaine Blanche included.

My first glass was with about 2/3 ice water and one sugar cube. I quickly went away from adding sugar and have not looked back.

An aromatic taste explosion. As it should be.