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Replacement Lid for Glass Fountain 'Royal Pearl' (diameter 50mm)

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Superb and original fountain lid with a green fairy on top. Will go very well with sophisticated fountains. This beautiful replacement lid with a 50mm diameter will go perfectly with the following absinthe fountains: - Absinthe Fountain - "Pearl" (4 taps) - Absinthe Fountain - "Royal Pearl" (4 taps)

  • Distillery or Brand : RUEVERTE
  • Product Type: Absinthe Fountain
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Weight: 0.05 kg
Dimensional Weight: 2.40 kg


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Distillery or Brand: RUEVERTE
Diameter - Base: 50 mm
Product Type: Absinthe Fountain

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27 May 2018

Produit splendide qui agrémente formidablement ma fontaine et très très bien emballé

19 Oct 2017


Je suis tout a fait satisfaite du couvercle de remplacement de la fontaine à absinthe que j'ai commandé tout autant que de la rapidité d'expédition

Je vous remercie



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