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RUEVERTE Explore Absinthe La Grenouille 65% - 50ml

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RUEVERTE Explore Absinthe La Grenouille 65% - 50ml
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La Grenouille absinthe is based on a mediterranean recipe; it is certainly one of the best Czech absinthe! When Stefano Rossoni, the Italian distiller behind L'Italienne absinthe, started working on the La Grenouille recipe, his idea was to create an absinthe with a southern and Mediterranean connotation. La Grenouille has a classic backbone of wormwood, green anise, fennel, lemonbalm and hyssop, but is completed with other unique southern herbs to achieve a warm, velvety character. La Grenouille was born in a family-run distillery Zufanek, producers of the first genuine Czech absinthe St. Antoine. That is another proof that there are some good absinthes in the Czech Republic! Quite a few Absintheurs have tried and reviewed the Absinthe La Grenouille so far - and the results are very positive: Appearance: A light olive green. Louche: Neither too thick or too thin, a nice, cloudy louche that leaves the mixture with a neither verte, nor blanche character. Aroma: Blossoming anise and wormwood, embraced by floral notes, and citrus. Taste: Just like the smell, the flavor is wonderfully complex. Absinthe conaisseurs describe it as a combination of citrus and spice – together with a good balance of wormwood and anise. Finish: The finish was often descibed as crisp, complex and clean - with herbs and spices releasing their tastes together with the citrus lasting until the very end.


- Gilbert and Gaillard scored the Hors d'Age with a 90 / 100 in 2011

- Excellence in Food & Drink Awards 2010 in the UK

- International Spirits and Wines 2012 Silver Medal

Did you know?

- All the Goudoulin's brandies are aged in oak barrels that refine the Armagnac and allow them to fully develop their complex aromas.

- Throughout this period of aging, the alcohol level decreases by means of evaporation, shedding what we call "the angels' share" (read more about it on our FAQs).

Serving Suggestion

- Serve it neat or with a splash of water in an Armagnac glass.

- Drink it slowly and pay attention on the way you are holding the glass, you don't want your body temperature to warm your glass up or it will spill the aromas and will taste like alcohol.

This product contains alcohol and can only be delivered to adults. Proof of age will be required at delivery. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Distillery or Brand : Zufanek
  • Produkttyp: Absinthe
  • Bezeichnung: Spirit
  • Ursprungsland: Czech Republic
  • Lebensmittelunternehmer: Zufanek, Boršice u Blatnice 57, 687 63 Boršice u Blatnice, CZ
  • Nettofüllmenge: 50ml
  • Alkoholgehalt: 65% vol
  • Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
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Weight: 0.15 kg
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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: Zufanek
Region: Moravia
Produkttyp: Absinthe
Marke: Zufanek
Alkoholbasis: Neutral spirit
Bezeichnung: Spirit
Absinthe Colour: Green
Ursprungsland: Czech Republic
Production Method: Distillation
Closure: Plastic cap
Authentic?: Yes
Lebensmittelunternehmer: Zufanek, Boršice u Blatnice 57, 687 63 Boršice u Blatnice, CZ
Nettofüllmenge: 50ml
Alkoholgehalt: 65% vol
Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.

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Zufanek, Czech Republic


The Zufanek Distillery was founded in 2000. At first, the family focused on the production of honey and fruit based liqueurs. In 2008, Martin started to distill absinthe and the St. Antoine was the first one of this distillery. Shortly after the launch of St. Antoine, Martin created La Grenouille, and absinthe Mead Base. What's special about this distillery is that all fruit used for the production of their spirits are cultivated on their own orchards. Most of the herbs used for the absinthes are also grown by the Zufanek family themselves. Their mission is: 100% natural products.

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