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Set 4 x Absinthe Jade - 4 x 0,7L

Set 4 x Absinthe Jade - 4 x 0,7L
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$277.79 ¹
Content: 2.8 Litre ($99.21 ¹ / 1 Litre) Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

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This set includes 4 bottles of Jade Absinthe.

This product contains alcohol and can only be delivered to adults. Proof of age will be required at delivery. Please enjoy responsibly.
  • Distillery or Brand : Distillerie Combier & Jade Liqueurs
  • Product Type: Absinthe
  • Description: Spirit
  • Country of Origin: France
  • Responsible Food Company: rs, Distillerie Combier, 48 Rue, Beaurepaire, 49400 Saumur, FR
  • Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.
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Weight: 5.79 kg
Dimensional Weight: 5.82 kg


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Full Details

Distillery or Brand: Distillerie Combier & Jade Liqueurs
Region: Saumur
Product Type: Absinthe
Description: Spirit
Country of Origin: France
Responsible Food Company: rs, Distillerie Combier, 48 Rue, Beaurepaire, 49400 Saumur, FR
Usage Instructions: Mix with water before drinking.

Customer evaluation for (15)

2 Dec 2019

A very economical way of purchasing these four Jade absinthes. Each one is different from the next, they're all of high quality and each is unique in its own way. As always the service here at Absinthes.com was superb. These are some of the best absinthes available at a very good price. I highly recommend this deal!

16 May 2019

Very prompt dispatch and bottles were very well padded for international freight to Australia.
The packaging even survived being opened and inspected by customs for import duty processing.
Looking forward to sampling these wonderful drinks.

17 Dec 2018

Everything is as stated, and the package arrived quickly and perfectly.

12 Sep 2017

Arrived promptly in good order. Still developing my absinthe taste, but the two I've tried (1901 & Edouard) are the smoothest I've had & both develop an incredibly thick, creamy louche.

24 Jan 2017

Jade absinthe is among the absolute best in my opinion. T A Breaux has done a remarkable job with forensically resurrecting fine historical absinthe brands for all to enjoy! Brilliant as always!

9 Jan 2014

Completely delicious! Each one slightly different-

18 Nov 2013

I love absinthe and Jade absinthes really match my taste. not the first time I bought this lovely set and it won't be the last! ; )
And as usual, I'd like to say a word about the flawless service provided by absinthes.com
Thank you very much for the super high-speed delivery!!!

21 Aug 2013

Great deal for the best affordable absinthes. This collection will allow you to sample varying flavors of premium absinthe. You probably won't dislike any, but you may develop a taste for one over another. I usually buy my Jades in this economical manner.

9 Apr 2013

My order was shipped within 24 hours after the order was placed. Packing was very well done and delivery was very prompt. These four absinthes are some of the best I have had and will remain among the top of my list of favorites. I will always have these on hand. Excellent overall quality.

28 Feb 2012

The ordering process was easy & the 4 bottles were packed well & arrived intact.The package arrived in Yukon (northern Canada) within 3 weeks of ordering it (which is pretty good as this was during the Christmas rush). Although being able to buy it in my own country is preferable, shopping through your website was very easy. I had some questions prior to ordering and my questions were answered promptly. Thanks, I would not hesitate to order from you again! The Absinthes are great!

28 Feb 2012

Die Zustellung verlief problemlos, die 4 Flaschen waren gut verpackt und kamen unversehrt an. Das Paket kam in Yukon (Nordkanada) innerhalb von drei Wochen an (was für die Weihnachtszeit wirklich sehr gut ist). Ich könnte Absinthes ja auch hier einkaufen, aber auf dieser Webseite ist es wirklich einfach. Ich hatte einige Fragen vor der Bestellung und meine Anfrage wurde sofort beantwortet. Danke, ich würde sofort wieder bei Ihnen bestellen! Die Absinthes sind fantastisch!

27 Feb 2012

After trying Jade's P.F. 1901 and L'esprit d'Edouard & literally falling in love with them, I decided it was time to try the remining 2 other Jade absinthes...and I couldnt be happier...I think, among todays absinthes, Jade's are by far the best ones. They are very similar to one another but at the same time they differ greatly. If you're not sure what absinthe to get, get a jade...you won't be disappointed.

A great "thank you" to Absinthes.com for providing such an impeccable service, each and every single time!!!!

27 Feb 2012

Nachdem ich schon begeistert Jade's P.F. 1901 und L'esprit d'Edouard probiert hatte, wollte ich endlich auch die zwei anderen Jade- Absinthes kosten... und es hätte besser nicht sein können... Ich glaube, unter den heutigen Absinthes gehört die Jade- Reihe eindeutig zu den besten! Sie sind einander sehr ähnlich, aber haben dennoch jeder seine individuelle Note. Wenn Sie nicht wissen, für welchen Absinthe Sie sich entscheiden sollen, nehmen Sie Jade, man wird nicht enttäuscht!

Ein großes "Dankeschön" an Absinthes.com für diesen einwandfreien Service zu jeder Zeit!!!!

15 Jan 2012

All four Jades are firmly in my personal top ten commercial absinthes. This latest batch of PF 1901 seems to have slipped a bit, but for my money there's still nothing better than Edouard, and you really can't go wrong with the NO or the VS. Only the Nouvelle-Orléans is presently available in the US and you're lucky to find it at $110 a bottle, so this is a great deal!

9 Feb 2011

Fantastic deal. Four top shelf, outstanding Absinthes at a great price. I highly recommend taking advantage of this special offer!

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Jade Liqueurs & Combier, France


1834 :

Jean-Baptiste Combier, 25, opens the Combier-Destre candy store in Saumur together with his brother Claude. Thanks to an alembic installed in the back shop, he distils some liqueurs to fill his candies and chocolates with.


1848 :

J ean-Baptiste buys more alembics and establishes the Combier distillery on the rue Beaurepaire, where it still is located today. This is the starting point of a booming business, Combier now sells its liqueurs all over the world.


1861 :

Jean-Baptiste Combier's son James, only 19 years old, learns the art of distillation before traveling to England, Algeria, Italy, Greece and Egypt, from where he brings new essences and herbs for Combier Liqueurs.


Absinthe distillation at Combier :

Combier owns its own fields of 2 wormwood cultivars, harvested by hand and traditionally dried in an attic. There are 10 alembics from the 19th century in the distilling room, including 8 from Egrot (the famous maker of Pernod Fils alembics at the time).

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$277.79 ¹
2.8 Litre ($99.21 ¹ / 1 Litre)