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Runa Gin Organic

Gin - Runa Gin Organic

The Runa Gin is a small-batch distilled gin, made from meticulously selected organic ingredients. Essential ...
Details $58.00  $41.50
Runa Silver Organic

Vodka - Runa Silver Organic

Runa Vodka Silver is a small batch Swedish craft Vodka, made with organic ingredients. The ...
Details $48.50  $35.50
Runa Organic Original

Vodka - Runa Organic Original

Scandinavian purity and freshness characterise Runa Vodka Organic Original – handcrafted, ...
Details $51.00  $38.00
La Maison Fontaine

Set La Maison Fontaine

A set of the three masterpieces of the La Maison Fontaine range. Absinthe La Maison Fontaine ...
Special offer : -10%
Details $165.00  $148.50
Absinthe St. Antoine and Amave

Set Absinthe St. Antoine and Amave

With this set, you get 2 of the best absinthes from Czech Republic: St. Antoine and Amave. ...
Special offer : -10%
Details $73.50  $66.00
Spoon holder

Absinthe Spoon holder

This Spoon holder is a reproduction of the ones found in cafés during the XIXth century. It ...
Special offer : -25%
Details $65.00  $49.00
Artemisia mini - 2 taps / B stock

Absinthe Fountain Artemisia mini - 2 taps / B stock

-------- These fountains show slight scratches or other minor imperfections, but can be used ...
Special offer : -10%
Details $142.00  $128.00
Devoille Absinthe serving tray

Paul Devoille Absinthe serving tray

This tray is tastefully illustrated with the holy trinity of herbs used to distill absinthe, ...
Special offer : -15%
Details $10.50  $9.00
Replacement glass reservoir for 4 tap fountains / B stock

Absinthe Fountain Replacement glass reservoir for 4 tap fountains / B stock

-------- This replacement glass can be slightly diagonal, but can be used like any other reservoir. ...
Special offer : -10%
Details $53.50  $48.00
Pimento Aromatic Bitters

Dale DeGroff's Pimento Aromatic Bitters

This Cocktail Bitters only recently appeared on the market. However, it was already popular ...
Special offer : -5%
Details $27.00  $26.00
Brandy  – Dégustation Cognac (hand-blown)

Glass Brandy – Dégustation Cognac (hand-blown)

This crystalline glass is hand blown, and its spherical shape allows your wine or cognac to ...
Special offer : -10%
Details $18.00  $16.00
Cognac Kai

Glass Cognac Kai

This crystalline stem glass is hand blow. Its asymmetrical glass reservoir on the bottom makes ...
Special offer : -10%
Details $30.00  $27.00