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The Durand Corkscrew

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This corkscrew allows you to safely remove old or fragile bottle corks in one piece and entirely intact. No bits of cork in your precious drink, no need to push the entire cork inside the bottle. Especially bottle corks of very old spirits, such as wines, vintage Absinthe etc., tend to have a highly fragile cork that easily breaks into small pieces when the attempt to remove them is made. The Durand is a patented device that has been tested by various spirits and vintage wine experts and that has become very popular. Easily remove the cork of your vintage Pernod Fils Absinthe bottle with the Durand corkscrew!

  • Distillery or Brand : Durand
  • Product Type: Corkscrew
  • Type of Packaging: Wooden Box
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Weight: 0.28 kg
Dimensional Weight: 2.40 kg


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Distillery or Brand: Durand
Product Type: Corkscrew
Brand: Durand
Type of Packaging: Wooden Box

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7 Jan 2019

Der Korkenzieher ist perfekt für alte, saftige Korken. Wir haben zu den Feiertagen etliche richtig alte Bordeaux getrunken. Davon waren drei Korken saftig. Es war einfach klasse.

3 Jan 2019

Funktioniert trotz fehlender Routine ganz gut! Danke

12 Nov 2018

Für alte Weine mit bröselnden Korken ein Muss. Hätte ihn mir schon früher zulegen sollen!

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